Vision, Mission and Objectives

TESDA Abot Lahat

PTC Calumpit vision mission goals and objectives

Vision: Model green TVET center in Central Luzon

Mission: Develop a globally competitive, skilled individuals equipped with green competencies and higher-level qualification programs for sustainable development

Goal: Produce 500 green workforce – 80% employable, productive, innovative and    flexible to the changing requirements of industry and the labor market by 2023.


  • Ensure that 90% of training programs remain congruent to the needs of industry for the next five years;
  • Enhance the competence of teaching and non-teaching staff thru sustained participation in capability building programs every year.
  • Integrate green technology concepts and sustainable development principles in all curricular offerings;
  • Upgrade training facilities, workshops, tools and equipment in preparation for the development and offering of higher-level competencies in the next five years;
  • Ensure that facilities, training equipment and tools are 100% functional and in working good condition; and
  • Conduct purposive social marketing activities and deliver extension/off-campus training programs to clients and stakeholders in Bulacan.